Group Exercise Programs

Group Exercise Physiology to help you achieve your goals in a social environment
the EHA approach


  • Medical History
  • Injury History
  • Exercise History
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Muscular Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Movement Analysis

Exercise Prescription

  • Exercise is prescribed based off the information we gather in the assessment
  • We aim to best meet your situation, goals and preffered treatment

Exercise Delivery

  • Home programming with videos and verbal cues
  • One on one gym based
  • Group gym based
  • One on one hydro
  • Group Hydro

Review and continued care

  • Retest assesments made on initial meeting
  • Reassess goals
  • Evaluate program effectiveness
  • Proscrive ongoing excercise treatment

Group Exercise Physiology

  • We offer group Exercise Physiology services for those with chronic disease, complex needs and the elderly
  • Group Exercise Physiology is an effective treatment modality which enables you to exercise in a safe and supervised environment and enjoy the social aspect of exercising in a group!
    • Each member of an Exercise Physiology group has their own individualised exercise program catered to their medical and injury history and physical activity and exercise goals
      • All programs are given with photos and instructions on how to complete all their exercise or delivered on an app based program with videos of all your exercises


  • All sessions are supervised by one or more trained Clinical Exercise Physiologists who understand that not all days are the same
  • If you are to arrive with flare ups of pain or exacerbations of your condition we able to adjust your program on that day so you are still able to exercise safely and effectively
  • Group Exercise Physiology sessions also include education sessions presented by other allied health professionals including dietitians and podiatrists
  • Patients with Type 2 Diabetes are able to access these services bulk billed with a medicare referral¬†
*Bulk billing and private health rebates available for those who are eligible. Including medicare referral, DVA, Work cover