Get To Know About Us

About Exercise Healthcare

At Exercise Health Care Australia we strive in achieving the most out of every single one of our sessions. We take pride in keeping up to date with the latest research and tried and tested methods to achieve optimal health outcomes. Together, with you we will work to achieve your goals.

We believe that everyone should be able to access affordable health services. Thats why we take pride in bulk billing our clients for the optimal duration of exercise assessment and prescription. In addition to this, all of our services are at prices you can afford. Whilst delivering the highest level of care to achieve the greatest results.


  • Medical History
  • Injury History
  • Exercise History
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Muscular Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Movement Analysis

Exercise Prescription

  • Exercise is prescribed based off the information we gather in the assessment
  • We aim to best meet your situation, goals and preffered treatment

Exercise Delivery

  • Home programming with videos and verbal cues
  • One on one gym based
  • Group gym based
  • One on one hydro
  • Group Hydro

Review and continued care

  • Retest assesments made on initial meeting
  • Reassess goals
  • Evaluate program effectiveness
  • Proscrive ongoing excercise treatment


Exercise Physiologists have expert knowledge on the human body and the role of exercise in health, fitness and reducing the onset or symptoms of chronic conditions. Exercise Physiologists develop rehabilitation programs for people with both acute and chronic medical conditions. Their knowledge and extensive training also allows them to provide tailored exercise programs to prevent injury and improve performance in the general population and athletes of all levels.


Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Mitchell Vautin

Mitchell is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who has gained a wealth of experience in the industry in a short amount of time. Mitchell’s experience includes rehabilitation with complex cardiac conditions, diabetes, neurological disorders, chronic pain, elite athletes and preventative and rehabilitative programs in indigenous health.

Mitchell believes in the power of knowledge. In addition to exercise prescription, Mitchell strives to empower his clients to further understand their condition and the exercise they are completing enabling better self management with excellent health outcomes

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Stacey Talbot

 Stacey has utilised her skills and clinical knowledge across a number of fields including cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, neurological conditions, mental health, chronic pain, cancer, metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions, high performance sport and injury prevention.

Stacey is passionate about prescribing safe, effective and individualised evidence-based exercise protocols to improve health outcomes, reach client goals and improve quality of life. Stacey educates her clients on their condition, enabling long term self management. 

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Benjamin Garth

Ben is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist. Ben’s passion for treating the human body has lead him to work in a number of fields including cardiac rehabilitation, neuromuscular rehabilitation, cardiac science, indigenous health and elite sport.

Ben is extremely passionate about the use of exercise as medicine in the prevention and rehabilitation of chronic conditions. Ben’s success lies within the notion that not all clients are the same. Ben uses individualised exercise testing and prescription to produce optimal health outcomes for all of his clients. Ben’s attention to detail and exceptional rapport building will assist you in achieving your wellness goals.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Alice Hall

Alice’s training has led her to gain experience in complex cardiac and metabolic conditions, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, paediatrics, cancer, high performance sports and athletes with disabilities.

Alice believes in the power of individualised evidence based exercise prescription and education to help us manage acute and chronic conditions and aid our optimal return to meaningful activities

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Matthew Capelo

Matthew is an enthusiastic and energetic Exercise Physiologist who prides himself on excellent client and community engagement. Matthew has utilised his clinical knowledge in adult and paedatric cardiac and Pulmonary rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, cardiac science, elite athletes and preventative and rehabilitative programs in indigenous health.

Matthew is passionate about prescribing meaningful exercise to achieve client goals. He believes in a client-centred holistic approach to healthcare. Matthew’s personable and easygoing nature creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone he works with.